Sarcasm Gets The Point Across

I find that sarcasm gets the point aross most of the time. some people don't get it worse yet, think they are being made fun of. that would be mean spirited  and not in the spirit of friendship which is the purpose of joining a social site such as this. I find that because I dont like to use emoticons people sometimes get the wrong message. I like self deprecating humor and dont get offended at all by it, I guess I assume everyone is the same way

BuckarooBonzai BuckarooBonzai
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5 Responses Apr 3, 2010

About time you wised up. :))

Is dry humour similar to sarcasm? If it is, I'm guilty in reality but not here. Sarcasm given with a bit of added wit, can be quite refreshing.

Sarcasm is the spice of life :)

This is so true . you can be a *** but honestly say something humourusly

I love sarcasm, but not for personal use! Sarcasm in communication bites. And bite hurts.