I Love Satin Nighties

I Love Satin Nighties
I also love to sleep in satin nighties, usually baby dolls or thigh length. Although I have some full length nightdresses which feel awesome to wear, I find they are actually quite uncomfortable to sleep in. As they tend to wrap around too tight and the shoulder straps dig in so much. So for comfort its shorty nighties to sleep in and full length to lounge around.
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I just love gurls who are so in touch with their feminine sides that they sleep in feminine nighties, negligees, baby dolls, chemises, and peignoirs. I find charmeuse satin to be very opulent and luxurious as well as elegant and sensual.

I find that it doesn't matter if it's a short or long gown they both end up sliding up or twisting during the night. I find the pleasure is more about climbing into bed in a silky nightie and getting up in the morning still wearing it, that are the most pleasurable times.
At a Christmas party once I sat down with a few girls who were talking about this subject and they laughed at me because they thought I had no clue what they were talking about. OH! how wrong the were, if they only knew how much I knew about sleeping in a nightgown.

There is a knack that we soon learn, to getting into bed in a nightdress if you don't want it to ride up.
A possible solution to the problem of a nightie sliding up during the night could be getting some satin bed sets. Never tried that so I don't know if there's a flaw in my theory. I would imagine it would be like being in wonderful silky cocoon.

wish I could! satin is so great!!

I know it's not the same, but if you can't wear women's satin nighties why not wear mens satin pajamas? At least you could experience the sensual and luxurious material against the skin that feels so nice.

Ha! why did I never think of that??? thanks!

Satin makes me weak my favorite is a pink satin baby doll I put that on and I'm dripping with excitement!

Now that's a sight I'd like to see. ;-)

I have to agree, short nighties, babydolls are so good for sleeping in, full length are not condusive to a good nights sleep and are restrictive when turning in bed and, normally, cause me to wake up. Short all the way for me.

Me in a nighty or babydoll the best nights sleep!

I love wearing nighties, but rarely have the opportunity to wear one through the night. But just Love them and find when I do have an opportunity to wear one all night I usually wear a bra and nylons to bed with my nightie and panties. I understand the feeling of a long nightie wrapping around and the shoulder straps digging in, but I just can't help it and I'm usually having to change into another nightie and panties before dawn anyways.

your soo right

Wouldnt consider going to bed without wearing a loverly nighty sweet dreems

Satin dreams is my favorite saying

I am just out of bed and I am wearing a PINK SILK FULL LENGTH NIGHTDRESS, with SILK KNICKERS underneath it, my PENIS is very erect now as it is liking the feeling of silk against the thighs and buttocks, a great feeling, nothing is better.

So do I , I love full length silk nighties, I wear one most nights.

I wear one most nights in the cooler weather; short or long, but always silky and pretty. I like the spaghetti straps, but they do tend to slip off the shoulder. But then I quite like the hitching up, like girls do ...

I only wear nighties to bed now. I just love how they feel against my body.