World Leaders Reincarnated.

It would take none of us by surprise to find out that the Government has been conducting secret meetings, but who is meeting might really throw you for a loop. A group of men and women that made all the biggest decisions for the world, have been meeting every Thursday night for the last 20 years at a secret military base located in the vast mountain ranges of Idaho. And now, they’re making themselves known due to the inadequacies of world Governments.

The group calls themselves the URLA or the United Reincarnated Leaders Association and it consists of almost every former leader that has passed away. Leaders range from George Washington and Julius Caesar to Albert Einstein and Socrates. These former elite, boast the greatest feats from the political canvas to the scientific community and now want to lend their talents to making the world a better place.

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URLA spokesman ,Jason Willingham, has come out with the association’s official stance.“We feel that the time for intervention is now. We’ve been in hiding for too long, we’ve watched what we created pushed too far and now, we want to help. The URLA is a group consisting of 235 former leaders and great contributors to mankind. Many of you do not or can not understand reincarnation. Let me assure you that we are indeed who we claim to be. But since this will undoubtedly be the first question most of you will ask, we will deal with that one first.

I, for instance, am the reincarnation of Thomas Jefferson. I fully understand the shock that statement brings but I must be true to myself. Some 20 years ago, the first former leader woke up. His name is currently Joe Hillenbrand and he recalled the days he spent as Aristotle. But he would not be the only to wake. Soon thereafter, we saw the emergence of renaissance. Joe or Aristotle as most of us call him, knew from his extensive theory what life might have afforded us and started actively seeking out other reincarnates.

His next find was Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln currently resides in the vessel of Vermont school teacher Janet Holden. Mrs. Holden had the feelings of her former life shortly after that of Socrates. After the two of them found one another, the project started to snowball. Soon after, they found George Washington, Gandhi, Martin Luther King and myself. From there, the list just grew and grew. We’ve somehow developed a sixth sense when dealing with one another and also implement testing to make sure we do not have a false positive on the identification. We have confidential information on each person we’ve found and other methods of finding the true identity behind the current person, to ensure each is who they claim. For instance, not only do I feel the draw to Mrs. Holden as Abraham Lincoln but Mrs. Holden has details of Lincoln’s life not seen in any History book. She also holds the scar from the bullet put in her former vessel. Mrs. Holden has a birthmark in the exact location of Booths bullets entry.

Now we fully expect most of you to be hesitant in believing we are who we claim we are but we think you will accept us in time. What we are here for today, is to intervene with the path we are taking on this planet.

For twenty years we’ve watched the ups and downs of mankind. We’ve watched wars and lack of compassion take to the forefront. We tried to install a world of empathy to pass down, we worked for advancement of a race not just a few. But today, as the world gets divided up between the rich who no longer care about the underclass, we must voice our concern. One percent of the world now controls 96% of its assets and for any society to strive under such stress is impossible. Instead of world Governments sharing wealth and medical advancements, they use them for control and keeping others down. We have found that they suppress cures to sell medicine. They promote wars to provide wealth and create false enemies to hide secret alliances. The Government that I helped create is now little more than a choice between two elitists keeping control of a Republic meant for the people. Wars are fought based on religion and places claiming to be of God now chant for blood. And these too should never mix.

We, ourselves, are not sure how much we can aid in reassembling a world of peace but not trying is a failure in itself. Today we call for the dismembering of the UN and a new doctrine of peace be written. We find a union containing a moral base of polar opposites can not benefit the world. Instead we call for meetings, meetings between people not dignitaries. We call for a world wide free market that reflects universal standards. We wish to turn the money making machines and interest rate decisions over to legitimate governments and out of the hands of the banks. A flat tax should be initiated and we fully intend on helping with implementing the guidelines.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as policy is concerned. Outside the political realm, we wish to bring people back to faith and philosophy. We will be starting up tours, allowing each to gain the insight of some of the greatest thinkers in history. Both peace promoting and mankind’s evolution must be brought to the forefront of this battle. And let me illustrate to you that this is a battle. A battle between the morally bankrupt and the virtuous. Today, we would like to give you your Generals back.”

Initial polls indicate that the general public does not believe in reincarnation but they also show that if it is proven, they would overwhelmingly elect these reincarnates to office. Governments from around the globe have indicated that if they are proven to be former rulers, anyone that has served the maximum number of years in office will not be allowed to run. Someone is scared
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May 15, 2012