My Latest Addition to My Collection

Hokusai Great Wave Japan Tsunami Art

The scarves in my collection celebrate nature, Halloween, and several other  holidays. There are now two in the collection that reflect my love of the sea and its creatures, both purchased in airports, oddly enough. 

While changing planes in Houston I glanced in a shop window and spied this beautiful print on a scarf.  The shop specialized in items from the New York Museum of Mondern Art.  I asked the clerk the price and it was out of my budget with the holidays approaching.  I looked around and found a card holder with the same image and discovered it fell in my price range and the purchase was made.  Not a person to stifle my exuberance, I shared my treasure with my traveling companion and told him about the scarf. 

We went about our business of grabbing a snack and a magazine.  Soon it was announced our flight was boarding and after stowing our carry on luggage a lovely red silk zippered pouch was placed in my hand.  I couldn't imagine the contents, what could it be?  Lo and behold out popped an exquisite silk scarf with the Japanese Print of the Great Wave on it.  A new treasure to add to my scarf collection. 

You may have noticed that this print was adopted for my avatar not long after my arrival here in EP.  The underlying reason for this selection is to remind myself daily,  although my life may not be the smoothest at times I am enveloped and protected by a tsunami of love, in the "real world" and my "cyber world".


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Feb 20, 2009