I Love Hearing You Scream...

Tonight I went and saw one of the best scary movies I'd seen in a long time, The Woman in Black. I am a horror junkie and judge movies a bit differently. You can call me desensitized I don't care but tonight I watched a movie that made me jump at least four times and had the audience screaming. There is a certain thrill that runs through me when I hear the giggling masses scream. It just brings a smile to my face. It made for a very good night.
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I'm with you .... I am a huge fan of horror. I love getting the creeps and listening to all the things

that go bump in the night..... Awwww!!!!

its a pity that as an adult, it becomes much harder to recreate the thrill of a horror movie that you got as a took me years before i could repeat the word "candyman" into the mirror!! nowadays there are times id probably prefer to see candyman looking back at me rather than my own reflection haha

I remember seeing the grudge girl in every dark shadow after seeing that movie!!

I used to watch Hammer House of Horror every week, before I went to sleep. That's the last time I can genuinely remember being frightened by things I saw on TV. The episode with the doppelgangers terrified me for months afterward.

Since then, I've seen films that gave me a sense of disquiet for the early stages - but that never really lasts.

So I kind of suspect I'll never again have that full on fear I had when I was a kid.

I have too much of an active imagination to watch scary movies. Every bump in the night gets blown out of all proportion if I watch anything that is even remotely frightening.

I wish I was brave enough to watch scary movies. The thrill is fun, but feeling paranoid when I go to bed and getting nightmares is not.