I Love Hearing You Scream...

Tonight I went and saw one of the best scary movies I'd seen in a long time, The Woman in Black. I am a horror junkie and judge movies a bit differently. You can call me desensitized I don't care but tonight I watched a movie that made me jump at least four times and had the audience screaming. There is a certain thrill that runs through me when I hear the giggling masses scream. It just brings a smile to my face. It made for a very good night.
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6 Responses Feb 4, 2012

I'm also an extreme fan of horror :) I watched the Woman In Black and I was SOOO surprised of it's horror quality. I think the jump-scares and creepiness of Daniel Radcliffe being in the giant house alone completely makes the movie. Imagine if he was with a gang of people? Not as good hey?

I'm with you .... I am a huge fan of horror. I love getting the creeps and listening to all the things<br />
that go bump in the night..... Awwww!!!!

its a pity that as an adult, it becomes much harder to recreate the thrill of a horror movie that you got as a child......it took me years before i could repeat the word "candyman" into the mirror!! nowadays there are times id probably prefer to see candyman looking back at me rather than my own reflection haha

I remember seeing the grudge girl in every dark shadow after seeing that movie!!

I used to watch Hammer House of Horror every week, before I went to sleep. That's the last time I can genuinely remember being frightened by things I saw on TV. The episode with the doppelgangers terrified me for months afterward.<br />
<br />
Since then, I've seen films that gave me a sense of disquiet for the early stages - but that never really lasts.<br />
<br />
So I kind of suspect I'll never again have that full on fear I had when I was a kid.

Similar situation with me. When I was about 11 I used to watch Midsomer Murders. It was the greatest mystery show I'd ever seen (at the time). Every episode I'd come out of was fine and I'd have no nightmare or paranoia at all. But there was this one episode where this person was always wearing black gloves and would kill people secretly and set up weird contraptions to lure them to horrible deaths. For actual months I couldn't wash my face without leaving my eyes open because I used to think this person would attack me while I was blinded in the shower. I couldn't sleep with the light off. I couldn't even get up in the middle of the night of my bladder was nearing towards WW3. I still remember that episode to this day. It's funny what a good scare does to you mentally ;)

What's interesting about that is that there might come a day, years from now, when you're feeling a bit more jaded. It could be that nothing on TV truly frightens you any more. And you might find you miss the depth of the fear you had at that one episode.

That's exactly right haha

I have too much of an active imagination to watch scary movies. Every bump in the night gets blown out of all proportion if I watch anything that is even remotely frightening.