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I am not so big into the blood, guts, and gore as I am into the psychological scare. I tend to enjoy paranormal and suspense rather than monsters. I grew up with my oldest brother often staying up late watching scary movies and I would curl up with him and watch. I know my parents would never have allowed me to watch them, but I loved it. I think some of the modern movies seem so focused on the special effects that the story itself is lacking. I want a movie that leaves me jumping into bed so I don't have to fear what might be lurking underneath. I love the exhileration of the fear.
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4 Responses Sep 22, 2012

I usually don't care for scary movies but I thought "The Sixth Sense" was a great movie.
The first "scary" movie my parents let me watch was the classic "King Kong" with Faye Wray. All the build up to his first scene and when he came on the screen I laughed so hard I almost cried. It just looked so phony.

I have to agree.. Ive had arguments with people about the movie Halloween, where people swear its a gory movie. till I make them sit and watch it with me. gore is never shown, its all suggested and the shadowy lighting and music nail the suspense and helps your mind fill in the blanks. CG and Gore are used these days to cover bad scripts and bad directing.

I LOVE the psychologically scary movies. If I'm at home I watch them with my eyes covered under a quilt, grabbing the person next to me ;-) Gore is over-done and easy... scaring the crap out of someone through good acting and a freaky story line is the best!

Hahahah... that is awesome ;-) YES.... Hitchcock was the MASTER.... that slow, psychological build up is kind of a lost art these days. Hitchcock perfected it.

Your right. Today it all about the effects and gore. . no substance, predictable plot lines, and a story you figured out after 2 minutes in the movie