I love them, but to this day I have not found one that had succeeded in scaring me. I always end up laughing at the stupidity of the characters in the movie. You can yell "Don't go in there!" all you want, but they still will and proceed to be killed/eaten/gored by the serial killer/girl from the well/zombie/alien/vampire.
Oh, yeah. The Ring had me in tears. Of laughter. Mwahahaha!
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The only movie to ever scare me was The Exersist. Of course i was 5 when i watched it so that does'nt mean anything. I recently watched it agian, and couldn't help but laughing. The movie was ridiculas. Is there no scary movies

hi im shell i recomend the film isantarium cuz it kept me on the edge of my seat all the way threw the film

Seconded. They're not scary. They're just not. The News is scary. Chat shows are scary. Reality TV is scary. I fear for the future of my species, as it decays towards total stupidity. But no, horror movies are occasionally amusing but never scary.

There are quite a few "I know, lets go towards the weird noise even though everyone who has done that has been found dead!" moments in horror movies. I liked Silence of the Lambs though. Not so much scary as interesting though.

One that I saw that was good/goofy was Attack of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space. I like the cheesy B-movies.