Wild Honeysuckle From Bath & Body Works

I love Body sprays and perfumes, my favorite scents are water/ocean scents, and lightly floral scents. My overall favorite, the best I have ever found, was the Wild Honeysuckle scent from Bath & Body Works. I love Honeysuckles and have happy childhood memories associated with the smell of them, so wearing that scent always put a smile on my face from happy associations. They don't make it anymore, and even what I did with the last little bit that I had was special. The first thing I ever gave my wonderful girlfriend was a plush pink kitty from the Build-a-Bear Factory. Before I gave it to her, I used the last little bit of the Wild Honeysuckle I had left and spritzed the kitty with it so she would associate the smell of Honeysuckles with me and happy thoughts and memories :)
GlitterFlame89 GlitterFlame89
22-25, F
May 19, 2012