School Role Play For Me!

I have been many times to different adult "schools" and have also had 1 to 1 sessions with several adults. Of the two, the "school" experience is by far the more rewarding. The fact of being in a classroom with other similarly dressed "boys" is intensely stimulating - in every sense of the term! In the classroom we do tests and receive corporal and other punishments for poor results. Punishment also follows bad behaviour or breaking of "school" rules.
It's enjoyable seeing other "boys" getting punished - even when I know it's going to be my turn soon! I don't get hard when being dealt with myself, but do when I watch other "boys" getting their just desserts!
We, of course, wear traditional schoolboy uniform - and that, to me, is part of the appeal. Seeing a short-trousered backside bent over to receive six of the best (or more) is very rewarding. And I hope others feel the same when they see me in the same position!
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I have never been able to take part in one of these schools, on the one or two occasions I planned to they were cancelled at the last minute! And I'd really like to try it.

Canings is tops for disciplinary purposes!

Could not agree more....nothing strikes fear into an errant schoolboy more than the cane

Did you receive many canings?

I was only caned three times at school - once when I was nine and twice when 14. All three were given over the seat of my short trousers.

Thanks for answering.

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Hello I would agree with you 100% on that. Being with a group of boys in a form room and having a back to schooldays experience as authentically as is possible is so very good.
It takes a lot to arrange, and is never cost free, but works out to be worth it for the results... for some, that's a sore botty... so what, it happened often enough back when...

Don't I know it!

Do you think it is seeing the other "boys" spanked or is it that there isn't enough play when you have 1 on 1 spankings?

I find the whole "school" experience much more rewarding than a 1 to 1 situation - not just seeing other "boys" spanked.