The Springtime Of School Short Trousers

I do recall the excitement that occured the first sunny springdays after a long winter when the weather allowed us to wear short trousers instead of long pants We were in 5e (13-14 years) and at that time almost every boy used to switch to short trousers. In those days, it made a big difference since our shorts were so short that it was a completely different sensation from when we were wearing long pants. You don't get today, with these shorts below the knee, the sensation of bare thighs against the wind or touching a chair, a stone, dewy grass,etc. It's quite normal since the inner thigh is an erogenous zone. We looked happier, younger, friendlier and more active on this day where we wore shorts for the first time of the year. We were always adjusting our short pants, playing with the hems or the split sides, constantly getting up or sitting down on different chairs (just to get the feel of the different material against our thighs), sitting on our hands, mostly as an excuse to feel our thighs. I often caught some kids slapping their legs just for fun ( not strong slapping but play fully patting their thighs), rolling their palms over the knees and running their fingers along the hemlines of their shorts. It was a subconscious thing but it's something they never did while in long pants. Some other kids enjoyed playing with their thighs, pulling the bottom of a thigh to one side and seeing it jiggle back, I reckon that I did the same but I was careful not to do it in anyone's presence. It was just fun!

When I think about those times, it is quite clear that we all enjoyed these moments. And when the time came for us to switch definitively to long pants, I think that we stopped having so much pleasure. No one played with their shorts anymore, no one tapped their legs or ran their fingers along the hems of their shorts, got up and down to try different seats. No, these times will never come back.  We lost something very sensuous, very precious, a part something of our teen life.
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I too very short shorts as required by the school and we all liked to curl them up further, sometimes showing a good inch of buttock cheeks. I attended a mixed gender school and the girls were the first to comment about how cute we looked.

I made the mistake of asking my parents if i could wear long trousers when I was 11 but by the age of 12, I started fantasizing about wearing shorts, not particularly school shorts but by the age of 15, that's all I could think of. Years later, I had to go through the embarassment of going to John Lewis and buying a pair of grey school short trousers, back elastic waist with white lining, size waist 30 inches. So embarassing but the need was too great. When I put them on for the first time, it was wonderfull. I now have school shorts in grey, light grey, charcoal, navy, black and my favourites which are David Luke brown school shorts, flat front, fully white lined, back elasticated waist and standard length. I feel so good in them. I'm a slim lad and not very big down there, they make me feel like a boy and I like that because when I was a boy, I had no worries.

In my late teens, I became quite bold. I went from wearing shorts rarely to wearing them too often and too short. I would start wearing shorts in the spring when pants would have been perfectly comfortable. I would show up in hiked up running shorts at the public library. I would attend ba<x>seball games in short split shorts. I would choose white satin shorts for PE class, knowing that wearing shorts was not even mandatory.<br />
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I liked taking advantage of the fact that people prefer not to talk about the shorts thing I obviously had. I wanted to compensate for the previous years where I had been too shy to wear shorts often.<br />
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For me, it wasn't exactly natural to wear shorts. Most of the time, I would be very self-conscious and easily excitable. I had fun learning to manage my bulge in public...<br />
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I'm glad that at my age, I have spent more time in short shorts than most guys of my generation, despite the years of shyness. I plan to continue to wear sexy running shorts in public because it keeps me young and connected to the shy teenager I was. Being bold and living out my attraction to shorts contributed to building my character.<br />
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Have I answered your question?

Did you secretly enjoy that kind of verbal teasing? Sometimes, you can forget that you're wearing revealing shorts, and it's other people who suddenly remind you of how bold you're being. It makes the experience more real when thinking about it later.

I liked finding out that a person had some sort of interest in shorts. Maybe they had a thing for shorts like I did. I would wonder if that person knew I had a thing for shorts. I enjoyed knowing that my shorts got people's attention.<br />
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I did not want to prolong these conversations because I knew I would get a ***** which I would have to adjust in plain view of the person. Once, as a teen, I had been buying my own shorts for some time, and my mother suddenly remarked that my shorts were becoming shorter and shorter. I claimed they were not that short (they were) and then changed the subject. I quickly found an excuse to leave the room because I felt an erection coming. It's silly, but that's how it was.<br />
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I have always been shy about wearing little shorts, and still am. During parts of my teen years, I was too shy to wear them in public, but I still wore them in private. Then I just got fed up and switched to shorts very suddenly, and I probably surprised many people around me with how bold I had become.<br />
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Did you ever get comments about being in shorts in situations that did not call for them, or about the length of your shorts?

Each spring, in the few days that followed my switch to short shorts, people who met me would predictably say: "Hey, so you're wearing shorts!" or something similar. I would say yes and change the subject, because I was shy about my shorts. I feared that talking about my shorts would make me aroused right in front of the person. Then I'd have to openly deal with the front of my shorts betraying my true motivation for choosing those shorts.<br />
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Any similar experiences for you guys?<br />
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Actually, I secretly liked being called on my shorts. I've always been fascinated with all the unspoken communication between boys about their short shorts.

Yeah it can be fun when other guys remaked about your shorts and legs. Many times would act irratated on shrug it off but inside it was great, There was a few times would talk to other guy wgo were in shorts.

Lovely story. I hope you didn't stop wearing short shorts once your childhood was left behind.

You've really highlighted just how much modern boys are missing by not wearing short trousers.

Teen guys now are in short all year long. Even below zero in the winter. Yet they don't know how free it is to have bare thigh. In some places real shorts are showing up (fashion shows). Fashion ebbs and flows.

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