School Shorts, Archetype Of The Perfect Schoolboy

Regardless of all the arguments concerning school shorts, the curious fact is the most beloved archetypal schoolboy image is that of a perky and smart lad donned in a classic blazer ensemble with proper trim shorts and knee-socks. Alas, that corresponds rarely to the reality today. Perhaps, if all the youths who like dressing in this style just start doing so and going against the current, they would spearhead making it the "in" fashion again. Well, one can hope,at least...

I know a lot of young teens, some even over 16 who would like to wear very proper trim shorts to school or elsewhere but who are too scared of what others might think or of the other boys wearing longs who could pick on them. Indeed, they would look smarter and nicer aesthetically speaking and they would feel either more of their age. They could be also more serious, more self-conscious of themselves,more obedient and more focused on their studies and on their other endeavours. It looks like I am doing a "pro domo" plea, since I wore shorts at achool up to 16 and older at home and at college. But,actually, a youth in a trim ensemble with properly brief shorts does look most smart and cute (and what's wrong with that?) I'm sure there are many teen boys(outside of those lucky enough to attend the few schools left requiring short uniforms consisting inĀ  neat shorts) who do secretely desire to dress so. However, with the way the things are today, the chances of this ever becoming the " in" fashion again for boys would seem pretty much nul. Alas....
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3 Responses Feb 16, 2011

As I understood from my dad, shorts were in his childhood and youth the normal "uniform" for boys. Till at least 15 years of age boys were seen as children and not as short adults. I think that would not hurt kids nowadays. However it'd be not welcomed by the fashion industries. Selling new cloths for children and youth is very profitable.

At the very least, a school should insist on short running shorts in P.E. class, to have the students feel for themselves how much more efficient they are for intensive sports like football, basketball or running. Because all the guys would be used to the sight of their friends in short shorts, many would feel comfortable enough to keep wearing them outside of school, at least for sports.

I certainly wished I could wear grey shorts to school when I was at secondary school, but they weren't on the uniform list. I think the fact that I wasn't eligible made me yearn for them all the more.