Sick Ring Boy And The Honour Boy Ring In.1975.

Ring Boy Gaylorde Thyrteen was an excited 11 year old boy who was looking forwards to wearing his all white sailorsuit at the wedding of his Aunty Doris Doomesdaye.

He vomited and peed his shorts an hour before the big ceremony for his future uncle in Vernon Veight as he was eating lots of cakes and sweets along with lashings of sodapop.

I was 14 with a new short hairstyle that Fr Bryan had 'forced' upon me three weeks earlier at the posh prep-camp.
I had a gentleman French Undercut but it seemed to suit me at that age but it made me look 12 like my friend Thomas Teebairse who had the same haircut.
I had my long brown trousers on with a long sleeved white brown striped shirt with brown shoes.
Mary Tinkler decided she needed a replacement boy in the wedding and would reclothe the other boy in a Scottish kilt attire.
Mum tapped me on the shoulder to get me to follow her in to the bridal room to change clothes.
It had been decided as I had a lovely new haircut that I would wear a white sailorsuit with blue kneesocks with long white short with white buckled shoes and a sailors cap too with a blue dickey tie.
I put the clothes on and I was not at all happy with my mum as she was turning the clock back on me again as Thomas's mum did a year or so back because of his bad behavior at school and was a full time shorts wearer now and his had no fly and were fully elastcated and very short too.

''Patrick I'm really so proud of you for popping in to this ceremony as the Honour Boy''she smiled at me as she touched my face with love.
I cheered and just excepted that God wanted me to be a little boy for a little while longer.
Johhny was in for quite a change too and he was put in to a red tartan skirt and he had tights placed on him as well as black Mary Janes too.
He had further indignations to bother the life out of him as he would be a flowergirl instead as he had long hair and they could not find a set of suitable boys clothes.
He had pig tails with red ribbons'red lipstick'red nail polish on his fingers and he wore girls white cotton knickers under the white tights and over the tights he wore a pair of pink Rumba panties and they put mascara on his eyelashes and trimmed his thick eyebrows too.
He was one sullen little boy who was thus in shock at the little girl version of himself in the tall mirror.
Thomas was shocked to see his younger friend in girls clothes but he had already been reduced to a 9 year by his own mother but she had done to curb his big ideas about himself before his teenage years afforded him jail.
''Why is Patrick being ten and why is Gaylorde being a Gayloye''he asked.
''Thomas your 9 because I made you so because I'm sick of your naughtiness and that's why your in little boys attire because I and your father are starting over a new leaf with you and you were such a beautiful little boy aged nine''she defined clearly.

The wedding was a huge success and Gaylorde made a pretty little Flowergirl and I had been a good sport.
The boy was actually happy to be out of his soiled clothes but was still annoyed to be made to measure as a wee girl.
His mother decided that he would wear girls dresses after school on Fridays and all the weekends too.
He joined The Mary Janes Club along with Thomas and the boys of The EP Circle Gang and they dressed up to the nines in secret with their mothers blessings and the boys hurt nobody'some wore their 'secret' shorts'others wore bike shorts and soccerwear and others ventured back to their cherished boyhood to grey shorts and proper blazersand caps with long kneesocks'ties peake caps and highly polished black leather shoes.
Two boys loved their Scottish heritage and one was sa girl who wanted boys to wera pretty things like she did as a pretty young girl and George decided to wear girls clothes just because boys clothes itched too much but that's another story.
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