A 'short' Story

I went to school in Sri Lanka where even now boys wear blue or white shorts to school. However, they are of the Bermuda variety which reach the knees. In the eighties, we had to wear rather short shorts. I attended a mixed gender school where shorts were compulsory for all boys until the end of Year 10. (The girls were wearing white frocks that reached the knees). This meant that at 16, I was still in shorts. However, since everyone was in shorts, it was no big deal. The girls were completely used to seeing our bare thighs . However, one day I wore an exceptionally short pair, which nearly showed my buttock cheeks, from a previous grade (because I could not wash the previous week's ones) and a girl asked me whether my younger brother was at home. The implication was that it was more suitable for a younger guy. We all had a good laugh about it. Most boys did not wear underwear until the higher grades and since the shorts were tight the outline of your privates could clearly be seen. Again, this was common and the girls too were not bothered about it. Moreover, we had shorts of other colors which were used as everyday wear and for other functions - even to weddings. I continued to wear shorts for a long time even after leaving school and no one gave me a second glance because I am small made and shorts were fairly common anyway. All boys wore shorts all the time especially in rural areas and parents loved it because tailoring and purchasing costs were low. Now of course times have changed but boys still wear somewhat long shorts to school and many other places.
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Just like it was in New Zealand