Grey School Shorts

I have been wearing grey school shorts for years and am also into getting spanked by either a teacher, headmaster or a prefect,

I also like to find out about other peoples uniforms and where they got them,

I look forward to hearing from anyone.

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Actually I plucked up the courage to go to a celidh as a Scottish school and yes I wore a nice pair of grey shorts with a brand new crisp white cotton short sleeved shirt'a blue blazer with a saltire and red lion on the school badge'long kneesocks and my regular work black shoes and an old Celt man lent me a dark blue cap from his old pprepschool in Scotland.I won first prize and a bottle of wine and was a lovely red bin 444.

Printing mistake.I went as a schoolboy but with hairy legs.

wear do get spank is it a stud ? how do you no sir/hedmarster wen did you be come a adul school boy

grey flannel school shorts are great and even better if they have button fly. Since i had left school and was working before I got my first zip fly trousers I adore button fly it makes getting my **** out so much more sexy and even more exciting to have to drop your shorts using button fly pity hardly any about now except the odd pair of jeans with button fly. Blazers and button fly brings all my schoolboy memories back to me.

I wore grey school shorts in my primary school till I was 11 - no problem. I went to public school a term early so missed my "last term" in my primary school. For my first few weeks at public school, I wore my normal shorts but I'm afraid I quickly succombed to local pressure and insisted that my parents buy me long trousers.<br />
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Nowadays, I'm fat and 55 but aged 11, 12, 13 and beyond, I'd have looked good in grey school shorts ... or corduroy shorts ...

I l;love wearing grey school shorts. As like most kids, I also love playing war, (mainly with swords) and feel most comfortable playing these whilst wearing shorts. Greatest moment is when I am been defeated too.

hi, thanks for your message, where are you based

I am based in Berkshire. Yourself?

do you know upper basildon? are yoi near the middletons?
do you still wear school shorts now?

Hi: just read your entry and would like to meet you. I have very similar interests. Like boy scout shorts, kilts and especially sword play. E-mail

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I too much prefer to wear shorts as much as possible. They are definitely more comfortable and make me feel more sexy. The difficulty is always finding a caring teacher to help me live out my school roleplay fantasy by treating and disciplining me as the boy I really feel inside me, My shorts collection includes grey, blue and brown school shorts, lined and unlined, wool, wool mix and corduroy and pairs of cotton and nylon PE shorts. Some are very short!

The word your looking for is 'Cosplay' or the longer terminology Costume play.

I have always preferred to wear shorts since childhood, when they were commonly worn anyway up to age14/15. I was the last boy in my year wearing grey school shorts. At the time I longed to be in "longs" like my peers but as soon as I was I regretted it and quickly reverted to shorts for everything (except school when I was in the 6th form).<br />
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I was fortunate that I was able to wear both sports shorts and formal shorts for some parts of my working life. Since having to take early retirement I have reverted to wearing grey (or blue) school shorts virtually all of the time, summer and winter, together with long grey turnover knee socks. I found that it was quite easy to find and buy school shorts, shirts, ties and socks in my size on the internet from school uniform suppliers and Ebay shops.

My girlfriend pursuaded me to go with her and some of her friends to an adult school disco which encouraged dressing in uniforms. Me and one of her friends boyfriend refused to dress up the first time as we felt silly. It was a great night so a couple of months later, we went again and this time we all dressed up! It felt like being back at school! My girlfriend and I walked the few miles home after, and stopped on the way for...err...a bit of fun, shall we say! The next disco is coming up and she asked me to shave my legs but I've refused point-blank. I'm going to wear a senior boys' uniform this time as it looks a bit more acceptable. I could always go in jeans and T-shirt and say I'm a sixth-former!

hi, i like your comments, where abouts is the school disco

Wearing short shorts under normal clothing is something I do, it makes me feel happy. And anything that makes you feel happy, well, how can that be bad ?

I like typhoon1b also enjoy wearing grey school shorts and wear them as much as possible although I have them with the lining, as I sometimes wear these without underwear as the lining acts as underwear.

shortshorts I know how you feel. I have many pairs of shorts of all types, most of which are very short. I like wearing them as often as possible.<br />
<br />
I find these days E.Bay to be a good source and I purchase ladies hotpants but in a masculine style. <br />
I have many shorts such as cord, cotton , denim, leather, grey flannel and dungaree shorts. It is a really nice feeling wearing them.

Ever since I left school I've also been greatly aroused by wearing shorts, short and tight in all kinds of materials. I've been hillwalking, climbing, swimming, cross-country running and cycling in them. I must admit I've shown off in them too.<br />
Can't think of any other clothing that does this for me, and I have several pairs. Thanks for your story.

At junior school in the seventies i used to hate being made to wear shorts. There wasn't a school uniform but shorts were definetely order of the day and i disticntly remember having a grey corduroy pair at some point and a pair of grey flannel shorts for school. Now that i actually enjoy wearing school clothes i have tracked down a couple of sites that do adult size school wear,, Adult and uniform247. Uniform 247 do shorts up to size 35 waist and are a good deal cheaper than sites that specialise in adult uniform.

I too love wearing grey school shorts. I find them more comfortable than long trousers because of the white lining. When I go walking in the country in the warm weather, I wear a pair with a large and plainly visible patch (for reinforcement) on the seat which goes right into the crotch. At home I wear a full school uniform most of the time. I have been out in the street in it, but nowhere near home. I have several pairs of shorts (some with a patch on the seat) and several blazers - most of them having leather on the elbows and cuffs.

There was no uniform at the schools I went to when I was a boy, but I would have loved to have been forced to wear short shorts by my school. I was often too shy to show my legs, so being forced into it would have made me bolder.<br />
<br />
Grey school shorts would have been perfect. I probably would have worn them pulled higher than anyone else. I used to notice other guys doing that. I loved seeing that I wasn't alone.<br />
<br />
I did get to wear shorts in school but only in P.E. class (max 2" inseam). The shorts made me giddy but I channeled that energy into the physical activities. Once, I was playing with my shorts so much that the teacher called me out in front of every one and told me to stop adjusting my shorts so much.<br />
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These days, I do morning runs in even shorter running shorts.

Good story and interesting comments. I think Conor should tell us more.

I too adore my short corduroy trousers, I have 3 pairs, and every time I put them on I get a hardon, I was and sometimes still do, get spanked over my lovely corduroys, One teacher at my school, used to spank me over his knee when I had been bold, or did something wrong, at about the age of 13, I remember being spanked by him, and getting hard while over his knee, when I stood up he saw my swollen trousers, he put his hand to my bottom, stroked it and patted it sayin that I was now a good boy, as he did, my erection got harder, I couldnt help it, I was enjoying the attention to my bottom. eventually he said that I could go, but said, remember be a good boy, or you will be here again. I looked at him and said thankyou sir, he asked was my bottom sore, and I said aw no sir, its ok, he then said is it hot, I said yes sir but it feels ok. the following day he sent for me. he said I see you are wearing a different pair of corduroys, I said yes sir, he asked me why, so I got red and said that I had stained my other ones, oh he said, and how did you do that, again I blushed, he said dont lie to me or it will be worse for you, I wont lie sir, I said that on my way home yesterday, I was dying to do my pee sir, and couldnt hold it anymore, and I wet my pants. he looked at me and said, aw that happens sometimes to young boys like you, but its ok, dont be shy about telling, did your mum know that you had wet your pants, I told him no that I had changed before she came home and put my wet pants in the washing machine, she doesnt know, so he took hold of my hand and siad goo boy, now sit here, and he sat me on his knee and told me that I was agood boy and not to worry about what happened, then he put his hand to my face and stroked it, and told me that I was a very lovely boy and that he liked me a lot, that felt lovely.<br />
the rest of my first sexual experience with my teacher, will be told if anyone makes contact with me, you can do this by emailing me on I will reply and send you more of the story plus lots more up to date ones. Hugs Conor.

Hi - I too share your love of grey school shorts - I'm into being spanked in them by my wife - who occasionally indulges me, but she finds it a bit silly! <br />
<br />
She knows it turns me on, so she spanks, canes and paddles me in them.