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I recently bought a school uniform from John Lewis in Watford ( UK) the assistant wasn't phased at all. I will also on occasion travel on the london underground in full school uniform, with shorts and knee socks, cap and blazer . Again no one is phased they just assume that you are off to a stag do or school disco! I certainly find it exciting and liberating to wear grey school shorts in public

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I have a pair of 32 inch Glengarnock navy lined shorts they are a little loose as i have managed to slim down, they keep slipping down showing my white calvin Kline briefs and my stiffy

I wear my grey school shorts most days. I've had them on today. They were bought from John Lewis they are 32" waist and cotton lined. Very comfortable to wear, better than long trousers.

tell a bout short shirt tie

hi wat is youy school shirt *** like how men e tie do you have ? are seaing ne one. i wood like to get to no a adult school boy

Oh yes chipp it looks so good to be wearing grey shorts and a grey shirt with my black school blazer red/black tie. As my master used to say 'Look smart boy or i'll make your bottom smart'

i too wear short torusers which Mummy buys for me at John Lewis's. There is never a problem in trying them on when she is buying them. i can just about get into the 30" ones but i fear that next time i shall probably have to have 32". Getting fat!!!<br />
But no-one bothers when i wear them out. i wear them all the time at home and for a lot of the time when i am out and about.

I would like to be brave enough to wear short trousers in my neighbourhood but I would be afraid by getting funny looks or even arrested.

Try wearing them with a polo shirt not tucked in and trainers with no socks you will find no one takes any notice ido this all the time.

I have just checked out the Aitken & Niven web site. They have grey school shorts fully lined upto size 40 " along with a great range of over school uniform items that would this most reasonably size adults.

Have a pair of navy lined shorts from them they have half elastic back very comfy

The shorts are a 34" tunnel backed and are lined in white cotton

What size waist are the shorts. It sounds great

I have just acquired a traditional boys suit. Grey single breasted with 3 buttons and matching grey shorts with a 5" inside leg . I feel very much the traditional school boy when I am wearing it . I remember having a similar one when I was a boy and used to wear it to visit my grandparents on a sunday!

Ive always wanted an old style unifrom they look so sexy and make u look youg my dream is to be in a white long sleved shirt tie 3 button blazer shorts knee socks and shoes are wel at lest i have my raugler unifrom i wear it all the time fully buttoned of crouse

Hi smartschoolboy. If you want to wear a school uniform with a white shirt, grey shorts and bottle green blazer, tie and cap then I can help, as that's what I wear. I live in London if you're interested and would gladly meet up with you if you live near enough. My kit might be too big for you, but I'm sure we could do something. Keep in touch. sean Smith

Ive always wanted an old style unifrom they look so sexy and make u look youg my dream is to be in a white long sleved shirt tie 3 button blazer shorts knee socks and shoes are wel at lest i have my raugler unifrom i wear it all the time fully buttoned of crouse

Ive always wanted an old style unifrom they look so sexy and make u look youg my dream is to be in a white long sleved shirt tie 3 button blazer shorts knee socks and shoes are wel at lest i have my raugler unifrom i wear it all the time fully buttoned of crouse

I have now begun to venture further into being a boy. I now regularly attend a weekend boarding schiool. This involves being a boy from Friday afternoon until Monday morning. Being in short trousered uniform all them time, except at bedtime when you put your PJs on. The school is run on very traditional lines which includes the use of CP when merited. there tends to be 3, 4 or even 5 boys at any one time. We have lessons. prep, playtime and recreation time. Its totally great to be a boy for such a long period of time being kept in short trousers reminds you that you are a boy and that as such you must be obedient and do as told or else.

Sounds great and very much like my old school. We had to wear grey flannel shorts with button fly {no zip back then} and never wore underpants sine the shorts were lined and it was considered to be unhygenic to wear any plus dropping them for a caning meant a harder bare bum tanning after which we used to inspect each others welts often resulting in some ************. Yes also had to look smart with our black school blazer buttoned up which also mean that when one had to bend over for the cane it wouldn't fall down after being lifted over one's back to be clear of the cane thrashing your bare bum. Yes it hurt but also excited too and felt sexy afterwards.

Go to Aitken and Niven in Edinburgh. They have a fantastic selection of schoolwear .Much larger than John Lewis whose shorts only go up to 32" these days.

I live in Glasgow but travel to London on business. When in London I often visit the Oxford St branch if John Lewis. I'm a 38" chest but can fit into the (aged 14) heavy wool blazer. I now gave it in 3 colours. Expensive but worth it! I've also managed to get hold of other bits of kit online. JL 32" waist shorts are great too. Brings back memories. sigh...<br />
<br />

hi, it would be good to meet and see you in your school uniform, i'm only 20m ins from glasgow

I too enjoy wearing my school uniform out and about. I frequently go out to Sunday lunch with my "master" dressed in full school uniform, including shorts, proper turnover socks, grey shirt and tie and school pullover or blazer. I have also visited "Boys and Sirs" by coach thus dressed. Only once has anyone taken any notice, a youngish man gave me a "knowing" smile! It is still possible to find proper new grey school shorts up to 36" waist from a few school outfitters but otherwise look on the net or Ebay.

Chipp<br />
I can also grt into 32 gre short trousers i buy them from our local school outfitters i like to wear a boys white jock strap under them it brings back fond memories of my own young life also i have several grey soft grey shirts which were worn by private school boys.

Lovely stories lads.

How lucky you are jonathanC to be able to get into boy size shorts and underwear, wish I could do the same.

I have bought a number of items from the John Lewis schoolwear department. I can just about get into their 32 inch waist school shorts, which is the largest size they do. I like their senior uniforms too.<br />
<br />
Buying (and later changing into) a complete uniform including boys underwear and school shoes is awesome.

Thanks 'schoolshorts' for the extra information. It sound as though some of your fun is rather painful. I remember my own school days at the local Grammar School were spent in fear of a visit to the headmaster's study. It was not so much a fear of the cane, more a fear of having to remove my shorts, underpants and expose myself to his gaze. I always thought I'd be more shamed by an involuntary reaction to this than the caning itself.

I visit a club in London called boys and sirs and I generally travel on the underground in full uniform which is a cap, blazer, grey shorts, knee socks and black lace up shoes, as a proper boy should be dressed. <br />
<br />
There are usually a variety of sirs at the club who are experienced at punshing boys and by the end of the session you are quite happy to stand up on the tube on the way home. <br />
<br />
No one has ever had a negative reaction ( it is london after all) most people smile or give you the thumbs up. Some even want to take a photo. Its a very liberating feeling to be out and about in school uniform. <br />
<br />
I get quite a bit of uniform on line and some of the grey shorts got up to a 36 or occasionally 38" waist. There are some fantastic uniforms that only go upto a 30 - or 32 chest and so are not good for many adults.<br />
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I have also flown in grey school shorts and a plain school blazer again no one batted an eye lid, it was from South Africa so I suppose they are used to seeing boys / man in shorts.

You must have had a lot of fun in John Lewis's trying on your school outfit. Expect you are still slim enough to fit boy's sizes. Regret that in my own case my waist is definately an XL.<br />
Let's hear more of your adventures in school shorts and blazer