My Secret World

I have always love school and life goes by fast I had graduated from High school in 2007 because i miss school i go on a walk and walk to where i first started my education was at pre-school, Kindergarten and daycare. I look around and i can relive all the memories i had there.

Then i would walk over to my elementry school and i look around and relive all my memories and i also would see my old teachers i had and talk with them. after i would walk to my middle School and relive my memories there and talk with my old teachers.

There is one place that i always walk to is my high school i have so many memories and i know all the teachers and i always go back and talk with them.

This is my Secret world, i like to stroll down memory lane no one knows i do this because I do not want anyone to intrude into my Secret World. this is what i like to do by myself

We all have our own Secret World that no one knows about we can do whatever we want and no one will tell you otherwise.

it is good to look back on your life and remember all the good times and bad times you had in your life.

That is why we love to escape from our lifes and visit out Secret worlds.

starlight88 starlight88
22-25, F
Jan 23, 2013