Earthbound Prisoner

Since my Dad took me to see Star Wars at the age of 9 I have been facinated with the heavens. I have immersed myself in Sci-Fi, much to my Mother's chagrin as she wanted a "normal" daughter!

I appreciated romance, friendship, bravery, humour, life lessons and everything but only seen through the eyes of characters not bound by Earth's stiffling gravity.

Sci-Fi is more than space I know and my own career move into the world of IT can be attributed to such films as Tron, Westworld and War Games. Technology and science fascinate me and I find as much beauty and spirituality in a circuit board as in a flower.

Sci-Fi has helped me through some hard times and buffered me against some of life's knocks.

misstrious misstrious
36-40, F
1 Response Apr 14, 2007

This story is oddly inspiring.