Astro Physics

I have always had this interest in space, learning about the galxies and the ditances between each of them and having an understanding that when a star goes out, it had happened 1000s of years agio because of the speed of light. last night I was watching this thing with Morgan freeman about the birth of a galaxi and what was so interestiong was, there was this probe that was launched about 10 years ago and it sent back photos of this new gakaxi forming which was over a tousand light years away, now if any of you don't know the speed of light its 186.000 miles per second, mulitply that by 60 to get the hours and you will figure out the years, now the ting is whe you do, don't put the amount in as apositive but a negetive, because it had already happended. Confusing isn't it? lol This is what Albert Einstein mentioned about his formula, E=MC2 elements, mass and time oh and most of all graveity
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lol one big candy bar huh?

I love milky way, wish I can live there..hahaha