What I Really Like

I think the science of everthing it's amazing. How everything works, grows, functions, just plain is. I am not a scientist, I'm not very mathematically inclined, but I love science. I find that science is both definate and fluid. Science tells us that the universe contains billions of planets and stars, it tells us that carbon compounds are a major key to life, and it tells us that energy is infinite. The most amazing thing about science, is that everything that we know and believe is just that, what we know and believe. As one professor explained to my class, It's our interpretation as to how things work, based on a series of experiments, observations, and mathematical equations of which are all interpreted to be what they are. Science is relative and always changing, and I think it is awesome when we find out the impossible was all along only improbable! Bill Nye put it best, "science rules".
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Jul 29, 2010