I Like To Work On Stem Cell


“You all have to present a seminar on your interested topic from next week onwards.” my class teacher announced in the class. It was the first year of my graduation degree. That time I just recalled an article, I read about Stem cell few days back in the local dailies. I found it very interesting and decided to take up Stem cell for the seminar. I presented my seminar with a brief introduction of Stem Cell and its recent advances in the field of Biology. I also highlighted the ethical issues raised regarding Stem cell. It was really a happy and inspiring moment for me to hear the applauds when I finished my seminar. A few question where raised regarding the ban and ethical issue of Stem cell. That moment I made up my mind, if I am going for research in science, Stem cell research will be my first choice.I can call this the Eureka moment where my Stem cell interest came from. I enjoys keeping up with Stem cell news a lot. Stem cell was in news a lot because of the controversies regarding the ethical issue. It was the happiest moment for me when on March 9, 2009, President Obama issued Executive Order 13505, entitled "Removing Barriers to Responsible Research Involving Human Stem Cells." I have realized the importance of Stem cell in treating health problems. With the advancement in new technologies stem cell discovery have jump-started the pace of in recent years. All of us - researchers, policymakers and the public - have a responsibility to explore the potential effects of stem cell research on our lives so that we can make informed decisions. That is why I am very keen to take up this golden oppurtunity to do my research on Stem cells and to contribute my share of work to the society.
crazihilary crazihilary
26-30, M
Feb 23, 2011