Symphony Of Science

I'd love to become a kid again, and fall in love with science, the amazing poetry of math in an abstract way, all over again. That, for me, was the highlight of my elementary school years. For me, my relationship with science as a young kid is what has motivated me to love science, and talk as if I'm 10 years older than I am. I loved, and still love this beautiful poetry, how well written, better than Shakespearean pentameter, written by nature, like a well written program. You play the game that the program is for, and it is the most beautiful game you've ever played. But the basis, the framework behind all of it... it's the coding. The coding has another hidden framework... of assembly language, and further another framework... of machine language, or as you know it, as binary. Science houses a framework of abstract, beautiful concepts. Those concepts contain mathematical concepts, like the amazing, perplexing Fibonacci sequence. Then further down, you get... just math. We all live in a Matrix-like universe. These numbers are whizzing around you all the time... in the form of math and science. Physics would be the underlying principle for all sciences, but what is physics? Mainly math. It's amazing how the universe works, a complex symphony of math and science. That's why I don't consider science as a separate subject. I consider science as an art, more powerful than any other art. It governs our lives, and it's the reason why we exist. I would love to go back to the time... and fall in love with science all over again. I would love to get the sudden realization of the world, of all science and it's wonderful symphony resonating through the universe. Oh, how I was, by definition, awestruck, when it clicked for me. It was the most wonderful feeling I've ever felt. I've felt a lot of things. And I have to say, knowledge and overtness is the best feeling ever. It, unlike some other feelings that may come to mind, doesn't just last ten seconds or a day. This feeling lasts an eternity, and can be passed on. However, the only way you can truly experience this wonderful feeling is to be agape to all ideas, and be able to make sense of the universe with them. This wonderful feeling can be shared. The question is, are you willing to be open enough to take it?
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"However, the only way you can truly experience this wonderful feeling is to be agape to all ideas, and be able to make sense of the universe with them."

I'm a visual artist, and have always had problems with numbers, which because science and math ARE so closely intertwined, didn't often catch my fascination. But that doesn't mean the IDEAS didn't. The quoted sentence basically summarizes my personal philosophy. Art, science, philosophy, maths, and, in my personal opinion, spirituality (not religion) all address the same questions... I think with the same answers.... Only using different languages.

Great story! Thank you for sharing!


It's like how a book can be short, simple, and sweet, or it can be long, complex, and difficult, but convey the same message. It's also like how different books can have the same theme, too. Many ideas today are worded differently from different perspectives. However, whether you have 2x+6 = 12 or have 2(x+3) = 12, x still equals 3. the answer is still the same, even though the equation is slightly different.