I Love Mechanical Engineering

It's not exactly science, but the use of what science shows us. I grew up playing with liquids, fire, gases, and metal. I know how to make a hydrogen balloon and blow it up, I can make thermite, blow up a tower of methane bubbles (no I don't eat beans and soap...). I can also make artificial flavors out of formic acid- the stuff ants and bees make. I can make water flow uphill, ice flow, make electricity a dozen different ways. I know a bunch about iron, steel, copper, zinc, nickel, and most every metal. I can purify gold and silver. Melt and cast metals. I can gather mercury (oh what fun when I make a mistake!). I can liquify air, even separate it.
I love science! It is way too much fun!
I can't wait untill the reports from scientists come out about the anti-hydrogen. Or more about bending and slowing down light. And I crave all they reveal about our universe
hellimus hellimus
26-30, M
Sep 12, 2012