More Fun Learning Story's In When Did The Usa Break Away From The Uk as the land mass of the USA can fit in the space in the uk

to work that out we need some facts, there is 63,360 inches in one mile, new York is 3,459 miles, so the break up of the land mass  is claimed to be 4 inches per year, so 63,360 divided by 4 inches gives us 15,840, now multiply that by the 3,459 miles , gives us 54 million 790 thousand 560 years ago , from when the break up away from the uk took place off the coast now called new York. if you look at each land mass for each country you can see they all fit each other so at one point there was one large land mass, and it shows evidence that there was a tilt of the the earth for this land mass to form.,so then we need to look at why there was a break up 54 million years ago, but that is an other story.

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Nov 30, 2012