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The Republican War On Science Continues

Lamar Smith (R-TX) was named to the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. Here is an ignorant dolt who has no idea how science and technology work and who has made false accusations about scientists hiding data on the House floor.  A man, from a state that is backward in its science education, especially Biological Science.

So, the war on science continues as the American public continues to hand governance to those who would rather have us gullible than educated, who deny fact that contradicts their belief and think their ignorant opinion has equal value with the work of science.
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This is the same state where school districts build million dollar high school stadiums but won't build school science labs. They always find the cash to bribe corporations to relocate here. Then the executives whine about a lack of qualified entry level employees. Those kids sure can throw a ball.

Well, in Michigan things are swirling the drain. There is a push by the repub house to privatize all schools. Just think of it, less money going to teach children and teens when some CEO and VPs suck up 50% of expenditures.

I think the push for republican education reform and "training" is just a ploy to keep Americans barely literate and gullible, unable to think and therefore unable to tell the difference between their big-lie propaganda and reality. And we wonder why we are losing our engineering edge?

I doubt the public and those in charge even notice this country losing its edge. Plenty of highly skilled and trained foreigners are lined up at embassies all over the world. Did you pass by the US embassy during your recent trip to the Philippines? Plenty of well trained, competent English speakers lined up every morning waiting and hoping for a visa even with waits that are years long.

Saw our huge embasy and couldn't believe our presence. And, yes, there were lines of visa applicants.

So many Americans don't travel and have no experience that they remain ignoran:t of the simplest things. That makes the mass of my countrymen gullible to the big lie. Yet there are some who claim that merely being a consumer or following the cult of celebrity makes one sophisticated.

We are screwed.