To me, one of the worst things about having been born a being with willpower, intellegence, inginuity and adaptability, would be the freedom to think and question and discover.

I can think about peoples minds until my own mind is jumbled so much that the world spins around me, that my head throbs and i can feel my blood pulsing from my chest to the extremities of my own body...

-i think about conscious thought and how it is metaphysical,
-i think about the earths atmospheric energy and our own and how they react to one another.
-I think about atoms and static and dimensions and existance
-About how two people who are near eachother for awhile and get along can suddenly begin singing the same song at the same part at the same time
- I think about human races and how we are mixing our races so much that i fear one day we will all be one huge race of earthlings
-I wonder if our people in space will ever bring down some disease unknown to humanity.
-I think about quantom physics (although i dont know if that is how you spell it) how it makes no sense yet is all many can think of.
-I think about peoples tendency to stick to things they know and when countries are faced with the same situation as already tested they attempt the same solution. (example lies in the inflation of many countries in the past)
-How we can walk around all convinced of our superiority

-how people like conmen, liars, cheaters, abusers, rapists, killers, contracters, materialists; can be made out of the same stuff as the good and thoughtful people who would give you the shirt of their backs.

-how we all look so different and can withstand different things yet we all have the same basic genetic building blocks T A G C

thats all from now please comment
LoveChild14 LoveChild14
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013