Physics!! Ftw!

Ah, I just love physics, everything is so logical; either you can imagine the scenarios in your mind, or almost everything is perfectly written out there in symbols or numbers; but it is likewise fascinating that there are so many more things out there to be discovered!

I've always been good at math, but sometimes it gets too abstract; well, doing the problems is a piece of cake, but understanding them is much harder: Who can "see" Fourier Transforms, Lebesgue integrals and Galois Theory?
So much easier with physics, even which relativity and quantum physics you can imagine some aspects!

What is your favorite science subject, eeh??!

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I can't for my life understand lab sciences but I'm really good at social sciences..My favorite social science is Psychology

Personally speaking, I think that maths ain't that hard :P

Quauntum Physics is the most facsinating subject because in it lies all the answers of our existance. Interesting to have such a thirst for this knowledge and yet be totally unable to absorb the concept of Math. It is just not fair. I am an artist and I see most things backwards. I did not know this before I learned to draw but it sure explains why numbers always just boggled my mind. The answers to man's existance lies in Quauntum physics. Carl Sagan said that the amount and content of what we are taught about Science in our schools is criminal. After learning all I have in my older years, I have to agree.

I am jealous, I love physics, but I don't have the brain to understand. You look young, so good for you to keep it up, and not waste it. Who knows you could be the new Einstein.:)

Physics. Hated it in school, however, the older I get the more I want to understand the world.

I HATE CHESISTRY but i love biology & i like physics. bio is really interesting & i like physics cuz i like math. i took physics last yr & i had no idea wat it was i just knew it was alot of math & i loved it! but i had 2 work hard 2 get my grades. your lucky that ur studying sumthing u like so much. good luckkk! =)

I am impressed. I took physics and was a bit scared...but i got out of there with a good grade. i suppose it helps if you have a really good teacher and such. but props to you for being crazy awesome at physics!!<br />
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Biology for me, got to be biology and its amazing complexity. But now days I am reading a lot on Quantum physics and the universe and soon I suspect I will be reading on the human brain and thought. <br />
Interestingly I've found quantum physics pretty intuitive for me, after my own research...I think that in a classroom situation, surrounded by numbers and competitiveness, I might have found physics boring and insane...but my personal explorations have been very fulfilling. I love the quantum universe; the universe is a computer that computes itself.<br />
What I hate: Math.

Physics, I like, for the most part. Though I must say that I am leaning heavily towards engineering. Even physics gets a bit to theoretically for my tastes. The motion of a gyroscope, and the principles that dictate it, don't go along traditional intuition.