I Learned Years Later It's Called Tribbing

I was 11, on a sleepover with 3 other girls in my class. By then I had a few steaming sessions with the girl next door, and realized I was attracted to girls as well as boys.

We were listening to music, chatting about boys, being ***** about the girls and sipping vodka we lifted from one of the girls' home. We started a game of truth or dare, which got quite wild. It didn't take very long for all of us to get buck-naked. Jenny then had to kiss my little boobs, and my nipples reacted from the pleasure. Sally noticed my ***** was getting wet, and dared me to go **** to **** with Jenny. We were clumsy, both as a result of our nervousness and the vodka, but once we got going there was no stopping.

It was the most awesome feeling! Sally and Kea's eyes were wide as we were going, and I could see they wanted to join in. I then did it with Kea as well, by which time my **** was throbbing and my ***** streaming. Sally wanted in as well, but her hair was a bit rough so I then dared Kea and Jen to shave her. When she was smooth we went at it for another half hour or so until we all had *******...

I guess it is the best way for women to have sex!
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Soooo Jealous! Wish I was a girl!

My wife and I **** in this position and she loves it. gets real deap

so hott, when i was 12 and my cousin 10 we would take bathes and rub ***** in scissor position, i couldnt *** yet but it felt awesome

i gues you find more enjoyment being with women and enjoy sex with them nothing is wrong with that and im sure its everywhere now?

love it

Sounds like such a hot and sexy time. I hope that wasn't the only time you stayed over.

Try reading my post called Tribbing ... tribbing .... tribbing and tell me what you think about it.

I did it with two ladies who decided to scissor their legs and rub their two ******* together.and I inserted a vibrating ***** between the two.They came like crazy for 5 min. The hottest thing I have ever seen and done.They asked me to do return act because they loved it so much..

Is the best position yes but i also like 69 posision kissing and sometime is also feel good to rub ***** just against hip bone or thight.

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