$1.00 Xmas Contest!

I'm holding a contest!!

I will be giving away ONE DOLLAR to some super amazing lucky mofo here on EP.


All you have to do is post a comment of why you think you deserve $1.00 American Dollar.

On Christmas I will choose only one. Maybe two if I dig you.

That's if you are brave enough to pm me your address!


Only mailing to people in the US though.

awwwwww womp womp.

Dry those tears now.. No one likes a cry baby. 


Good luck! Tell all of your friends!


PS. The winner will actually get a real United States Dollar.
The dollar is tax free, and we will pay shipping and handling.

GwydionFrost Wins!
Cause he was badazz enough to pm me his addy! XD 
Everyone send your Congratulations! 
Cosreal Cosreal
31-35, F
7 Responses Dec 2, 2012

*Secretly dashes off to Walmart*

I would only buy a beer with it

The transfer rate or mail cost gonna be higher than the price itself lmao

Cause I am me. (I don't really want your dollar) But you can still have my address. Lol


I don't deserve it, that is why I deserve it.

ill put floaties on (waterwings) to come and get it. lmao

lol yeeess!

i could use the butt wiping paper