My Mom Has Been The Biggest B***h Latley

My mom always bosses me around tells me im wrong dosnt let me say a word and if i do she threatens me with bull shi* punishments like go live with ur dad in new york. She always lies to me. I love dogs and in third grade she promised me another dog because our two dogs were old. she ended up not geting me a dog. She is nice for like 1 minute to 3 hours and then she gets all by poulor or however you spell it. i build up so much crap and she dosnt let me let it out. my 2 dogs are dead now and she still  hasnt gotten me another one even though she "promised" to get me one but she didnt of course. today i was gonna go to my friends house and then i couldnt find a binder for like 10 minutes and shes like in the blink of an eye "ur not going to brandons anymore' what a *****"
Whyisshesoanyoing Whyisshesoanyoing
May 22, 2011