A Family of Turtles

I took a swim this morning in my backyard (I live on the beach) waiting to see my little family of turtles.  I think it is a Mommy and her two babies, but maybe it’s a Dad.  They have been living in the ocean behind my house for at least the past 8 years.  They are such curious wonderful creatures.  They don’t see very well, so they swim up very close to get a good look.  I used to get really scared when they would pop up right in front of me. 

So today, I just floated and tried not make to any movement at all – just let the waves carry me.  Well Momma turtle decided today was the day that she would give me a little nudge.  I was amazed – I have never had one actually touch me before.  I am not sure if she was telling me to get out of her space, or just letting me know she knew I was there.  Whatever her reasons, it was exhilarating!


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wow, amazing :D<br />
and you live in Hawaii! that's so cool!<br />
You're so lucky to live on the beach and see lovely animals.

I am well aware they will not hurt me oneangel. I have lived in Hawaii for the past 17 years and have run across many a turtle. We swim with them and the dolphins on a regular basis.

It seems like the turtle mama was trying to tell you that it was her territory, anyhow they won't hurt you or anything!

hello lady C<br />
<br />
How are you?<br />
<br />
we have the good fortune of having nesting grounds in our country in zululand.<br />
<br />
google - zululand turtles<br />
<br />
http://www.stluciawetlands.co.za/st_lucia_turtles.htm<br />
http://www.elephantcoastbookings.co.za/turtle-tours.php<br />

* packing my bags*

I feel very lucky - and I never take it for granted. The universe is constantly bestowing these precious gifts, and if I bl<x>ink - I might just miss it!

That is awesome!!<br />
<br />
We visit FL often and have seen this a couple times now. Such an amazing sight to see these little guys make their way to the ocean and you are very lucky to have this in your backyard to see each year! WOW!!<br />
<br />

you live in paradise! i would love to have that every day. i have seen them hatch but never lucky enough to have it on a day to day basis!

Ahhh...it makes sense why they would be so unusually close then. <br />
<br />
:) Thank you Child...just the thought of a swim in a warm ocean is wonderful this time of year here.

We usually never have sharks in our bay, but there may be some out past the reef (about 1 mile out). I say there may be some (sharks) only because the turtles usually don't hang so close to shore.<br />
<br />
Tas - the water is always warm - your welcome to come visit me anytime - you too Trail!

Is the water warm?

Hehe... good for you for going for it. I wouldn't be able to resist either;) Sharks!?

It was indeed. <br />
<br />
They have been hanging out close to shore for the past two days (there may be sharks in the area), so this morning when I spotted them, I had to seize the opportunity. The swimming near them was a planned event, but I never dreamed I would get so close.<br />
<br />
Lucky girl I am today!!!

Wow... really sounds like an amazing experience!