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Back in my kindergarden days when we'd go out to eat with my grandparents i'd always be happy as a clam with croutons and salad dressing. Then one day after a late church we went to eat at this small sea food place. My grandmother slipped me some Crab and shrimp to see if I liked it.

I was introduced to this greatness! yummy! I am now always watering at the lips for more. Living in the midwest isn't the easiest to come accross it as far as sea food goes, but crab and Prawns are the first thing I look for on the menu.
JadedLass JadedLass 22-25, F 4 Responses Nov 9, 2011

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I live on the SE coast. We have the best local white shrimp you will ever find. I am not really sure what a Prawn is????? Blue crab and a few stone crab too. I used to work on a shrimp research vessel and we would make a trawl and be cooking lunch literally minutes after the shrimp hit the deck. Doesn't get any fresher or tastier than that!!! Dang I just made myself hungry!!!!

Better get out there and satisfy that craving! A prawn is the same thing as shrimp.

Yeah but they'd look at you funny if you called em that around here! lol

Or would they panic and nod their head like they knew what I was talking about and then duck and cover to google it quickly so not to look foolish?

Well could be......but I'm picturing the commercial shrimp fishermen I used to work pretty closely with. Google? Never! Care about looking foolish? Not much chance of that either! lol

I'll raise the one eyebrow and show em my poker face and see.

Oh I wish I could see that! lol

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Who doesn't love seafood! It's when you add mussels, lobsters, various fishes, and the like is when you're a true seafood lover.

What's your favorite crab?

Yes! yes I do need a road trip and now I want some sea food thanks to you.

Fresh sea food is the best, I lived in California most of my life, an hour and a half from the ocean, now I live in Arizona and I do miss the ocean.<br />
<br />
If you ever get a chance to eat a fresh Maine Lobster, by all means go for it.<br />
<br />
Sounds like you do need a road trip to one of the coasts.