Maybe I'll Visit The Cooking Section More Often

I made my weekly trek to the Half Price Book store today. I had just bought a new microwave/convection oven and was looking for a cookbook and maybe some insight into the convection side. I know I could figure it out on my own, but having a point of reference from an expert sounded pretty good. So I begin my search in the cooking section, thinking that it will not be hard to find. As I looked through the books I was beginning to wonder what section of the bookstore I had wondered into. There were the Cheap and Easy, Quick and Fast, Intercourses (even had some recipes in this one), and my favorite Cooking with Vodka of which I am now the proud owner. It just never hit me before the titles of some cookbooks, but today I found it very amusing. Oh, and by the way...... never found the book on convection ovens.
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1 Response Jul 26, 2010

I absolutely adore Half Price Books...there isn't one where I live, but when I go and visit my college friend in Pittsburgh every few months, I ask that we make a little stop at the book store. I almost always spend at least $30 in there, and I love that they have free coffee. He and I usually camp out in the metaphysical/paranormal section with our coffee and look for fun things.<br />
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And the cooking section is amazing. I regret not buying the sushi cookbook that came with sushi-making supplies (like a bamboo mat, rice bowls, etc.)<br />
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I've written more than one letter to Half Price Books basically saying, "Thanks for existing!" - not in order to try and get anything, but just to tell them how much excitement and fun they can add to someone's life.