My dream was to open a quaint bookstore and call it:  Turn the Page.  I doubt Bob Seger would come after me about the name.  However, due to the economy I couldn't do what I wished.  So now, as she opened her store first, I exchange books with the lady who beat me to it.  Must say, my store's name is catchier.  I was going have old rockers in it.  I have some primitive furniture and I was going to use that.  Have old baskets with "deals" in them.  Such high flying notions mean that I got my cart before my horse.  Well, I do not have a Kindle, nor do I aticipate getting one.  I love the feel and smell of a paper book.  I love the feeling of "turning the page" and going  into the other world incased in that bound "other world".  Yes, it takes me away to other lands and other realms.  By turning the pages, I go places in my head that I may never traverse in real time, but what a joy it brings to me to touch, smell, and feel BOOKS.  I do write some and have sold some things.  At the moment, my computer coughed up my programming and I need a new document program in order to type a manuscript.  It will come, in its time as all things are wont to do.  For the moment, I use the old fashioned books and have many worlds in my head and many people about whom I think and will remember.
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4 Responses May 17, 2012

The small book store, what nice dream. One thing you must have in a small book store is a bookstore cat. They are really very good at protecting your stock from mice. For some reason mice like to eat books, and cats will have none of that.

I'm all set with the cat. The Bookstore won't happen, as we did not have the start-up money and another girl beat me to it. This town is too small for two used bookstores. Sad, but true. I take mine to her and get credits for other books I might want to read. I put my daughter in law on the check out list, as she is not only a writer, she loves to read. She makes money at writing. Really! Small stories or long ones, she turns them out. She also works for a company editing. I was sad that I wasn't able to create my "odd" book store, but I cannot just sit down and die!!!!!

Books, new ones, second hand, so much better than a kindle! I could read books on my iPad but prefer paper although I read lots of stuff online.

I just love the feel of a book. It is substantive. I can touch it, feel it. It becomes a part of me. There are times, I just don't want to give them up, but I have stacks on book shelves, in the floor. I am reading my way through them.

The woman who has the book store has a bare bones variety. I was going to put period items in mine and if one wanted purchase a kerosene lamp, well as long as they paid my price, it would do. It may still come about. Who knows?

Oh I love your ideas on a book store!!! Those new big supermarket bookstores are not charming....everyone is there to plug in their laptops and sit there mindlessly typing in their own worlds. The chairs are usually black fake leather and cold....I don't know how they survive! I would love to have a little bookstore to sit and rock as I choose a favorite book to take home! Maybe they will get popular again, here BooksaMillion or (BAM) are the only thing we have now....and I don't like them much.