Treasure Trove

Second hand books are like lost friends, waiting to be loved again. Most books MUST come from deceased estates. I don't know how else most of the literary treasures I found ended up in the second hand book store.

They smell a little musty. And there's usually a very interesting person behind the counter.


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7 Responses Feb 11, 2009

After I wrote that, I started counting. And There were at least 200 just within eyesight.<br />

When my son moved out to his own place, we counted almost 5000 in his collection alone......he's 17

Over the years I have gathered quite a library....19 bookshelves spilling out of the library and down the hallway.....creeping into the spare room and along to my room.....books and family, wouldn,t have it any other way

There are some great images there Sahira! I hope to have THAT many books one day! now I've probably only got 100-150 books.<br />

Oh Coyote... get rid of??<br />
Get rid of precious friends??<br />
They'd have to be books you don't like any more right?<br />
I can't imagine getting rid of one book... let alone boxes.<br />

Mine too :D.<br />
But I'm making a new policy, no new books until I've read all my old ones. I'm a toughy.<br />

I am totally agreed!