The Great Hunt And The Smiling Hunter Kitti

ohhh what is better than going to a regular bookstore , with the smell of new books wIfting through the air?  ... Hmm going on a treasure hunt

through a second hand bookstore. I call it a treasure hunt , because that is exactly how I feel when I go to one . You pick up a worn classic in your

hand and think of the many other people that have read and handled that same book . Did some read it just because they loved the story , maybe

some wanted an escape from a mundane experience and found it in the pages of the book I hold , others maybe were seeking solace , or trying to

cope with something in their lives and turned to the written word as a refuge .


The best stores are the ones that have no rythme or reason , there is one such second hand book store , near where I live . The owner does not have ,

either the time or inclination to properly organize  the books they are put wily nily in piles .


Ohh what a true treasure hunt that is . By the time I am done , I am usually dusty , dirty , ponytail askew and smiling wide and happy as a kitty cat that

got its cream.

What can I say , I love the hunt for a great book as much as the book itself :kiss

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6 Responses Mar 2, 2010

ohh MM ..I love them e ven more than new bookstores...the next time you pick up a used book ... think of the person that held it before ...and read it .. and laughed maybe at the same parts you did ..*sighs* I know it sounds silly but I can t help it *giggles and hugs MM tightly adn grabs his hand lets go off to the book store we go* ....

Ohhh I am the same way I love the books themselves and will often end up thinking of the stories of the past owners as much as the story itself ... thank you for commenting * purrs and turns other wing to Sylph to scratch * hugs

Oh... I have never seen second hand book stores in this way!! Its completely a new perspective...<br />
I go to second hand book stores because I can get books there much cheaper than newer ones!!

I wrote a similar story about old books. I simply adore them. I love not just the content of the book but what the book tells you...who have read it...what were they feeling when reading...did they laugh...did they cry...who did they share it with...and much, much more...the history of the book itself is what makes it more valuable to me.............hmmm, serious, ay? Sorry, Kitti...I'm just very passionate with old books...............*Sylph strokes wings of Kitti*.......hugs............

*grabs scribbles hand ...and runs into the book store * dont mind the old lady ..she sleeps all the time *giggles * you take the left and I will take the right

Old books have the smell which is so enticing for me,Sweetie... i think it will be my paradise and to think of the books i can find that are out of print maybe by now in the second hand book store is a temptation i can't resist...