It's An Intro to Bdsm

My wife and I watched it together last year.  We loved it!  She totally identified with the sub.  It was wierd having it in the workplace like that but it worked out well for the girl didn't it?  It's kind of like a coming out story for the BDSM.  She didn't really know what she wanted until he made her do it.  It's like that in many people's experience I find.  The more I interact with other Dom/sub couples, the more I find that when they discover their BDSM side they find the intimacy and excitement they have been hoping for in their sexual relationship.  Maybe I'm reading into it too deeply, but I think it's a liberating film and many who watch it are stunned but may be secretly thrilled, they just need someone they can trust to experiment and find out for themselves.

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that movie is one of the reasons i started to enjoy being spanked.....another awesome movie is "the pet".

Yes, I am totally enamored with E. Edward Grey and I am an independent, passionate woman. I want to serve him.