Yes, Mr. Grey!!

E. Edward Grey...Oh My God.....

I am a dominant lady for the most part but Mr. Grey makes me want to please him so much. I am very much like Lee at times and was a self-harmer. She's a lucky character.

I also learned to modulate and control my voice in Pro Domme work because of Mr. Spader. :)

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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6 Responses Feb 25, 2009

MonkeyBizz, that's one of my favourite scenes.

Hi RealWoman,I am a man who loves a spanking from a lady that can handel spanking toys!

damn right ! I 'm even thinking about opening the bottle of champagne in the fridge.. yes, i fluffed work today..... but last time i checked the planet is still spinning (somewhat off kilter according to my science teacher.....). so, all systems go .........<br />
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cheers everyone ! hic

Lilt...remembering that makes me shiver with delight..<br />
<br />
zippy....4.40am Thursday and I'm about to drink like a fish. Thank you for the kudos.

I always love your take on people's posts. Real woman indeed ! <br />
<br />
Shhuuuuperb. Yes, I did drink a lot at lunch ! <br />
<br />

"one bite of potatoes....three peas..."

And as much ice cream as you want