Just Watching You

Driving down the long curvy road seems to take forever. As I come upon your turn my anticipation rises. As I pull into the drive I see you come to door ready and waiting. I feel my blood rise from the thought of you melting in my mouth. I get out of the vechile and slowly approach the porch and as I do I see walking into the bedroom then look back at me to see if I as following. When I walk into the bedroom I see u laying there ready and waiting with your member firmly erect. Nothing makes me excited more then seeing your body wanting me. I climb onto the bed and slowly start removing my clothes I run my fingers through my hair as a seduction move then I tease your member with my hand then as I lower my mouth I caress it with my tongue........I feel your body quiver under my touch. Who would have ever of thought that just the little touch of my tongue would make your shake and quiver the way it did. As I let you come out of my mouth I see you look up at me in anticipation as if you think I'm going stop. I look at you and climb on top and slowly let you enter me. I feel you get more erect....as i ride you I moan and lean forward to bite you. I see the look in your eye as if you was to say ravish me. Take me as you please. I climb off and let you climb on top. You lean in to kiss me and I turn my head as a sense of playfulness.you slowly start to kiss me from my neck down while stopping to get a taste of my sweet nipple. I love the way you tease it with your tongue. The feeling drives my body crazy.......You start to enter me and i moan out because the feeling has never been achieved. As you go faster and faster my body tenses up. I squirm to tryin to keep my body from exploding. As you thrust the next time I feel my body explode with the most wonderful sensation. We lay there side by side with my figure layed into yours. The way you run your fingers through my hair makes me feel even better. I get up and walk to the door and head to the shower. I step into the nice warm water running down my skin and i open my eyes and realize that it was just me watching you in my dreams.
elyiesmama elyiesmama
26-30, F
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