My Girlfriend's Sheer Blue Bikini

Last Summer at the beach I took some shots of my girl friend and she made me promise to delete the photos and definitely never to post them on the net...uhm well I hope she doesn't find out!!

How would you guys rate her?
scubascooby scubascooby
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66 Responses Sep 7, 2012

Incredible ;-)

Smokin hot to say the least

She looks OK, but is she your wife or your gf? A bit confusing. Obviously you're porking her...she seems to be in good sexual shape.

I would rate her HOT AS ****!

What a hottie!! Wow...

She's hot.

Very fuckable!!

Awesome bikini and beautiful girl.


you are lucky. wish she was mine

16 strokes ! Petty good rating !

oh dayam!!!!

On a scale of 1-10? Definitely a 12!

"she made me promise to delete the photos and definitely never to post them on the net"

OMG Why would she say that? She is sooo pretty and looks so great in that suit. Definitely something to be proud of!

PS Ever try to slide that top off while she is napping?


She's a ten in my book ! Very hot !

id defo **** her

she is hot as oven, would to get my **** baked,
plz add

She is gorgeous but if I was your girl and you didn't respect my wishes like that I wouldn't be your girl any more.

She should be proud of her body ....very sexy

Oh yeah! Very nice - like my black **** to taste some of that

FANTASTIC Please send me more

Really good looking

Very nice, your a lucky guy

Incredible! You are a lucky man!

hot shot!!!


Wow.. 10 defo.. Love to slide my **** in there x

10 Started to get hard just looking.

Gives my **** a rise!


She's gorgeous, and I hope that you got to apply lots of lotion on her too!

I'll be saving these beautiful pictures Thanks

That is a tiny bikini, LOVE it

Girlfriend is gorgeous you are very lucky, hope you can sneek more pictures of her, every one is jealous of you. Thanks

Hmmmmm I would give her 10!

She is a hotties for sure.

10 out of 10

Much prettier than my wifes brown nipples!!!

That looks great, thanks for posting them.


wow! i definitely would!!!

I am still waiting for more sweet pictures of this beautiful lady

I would rate her as hot!


Very sexy. I would have taken more pictures and some further south. Want to take pictures like this of my friend and post them to.

If that is her beach outfit, what is her dive outfit like? Love it. Where did you find that suit. I think my wife would look wonderful in one

Glad you liked it. We found it at a lingerie store in Sydney. I'm sure you'd be able; to find something like it on-line.

You have to how every one a pic of your wife modeling her new bikini.

I would lick her after she ran two miles

LOL... I think she just might let you

I am willing and ready any time

Very Nice indeed.

she looks very nice

she is perfect. I would rate her a full 10/10. Very lucky man you are.

I am still waiting for some more pics of that beautiful lady.

Could you possibly post a few more, she is awesome

I would lick her after she ran a mile!!!

She got my **** hard.

very hot n sweet

She is Beautiful!!!!!

have to say 10! Would love to see more!


I would rate her a 9. She is gorgeous.

10 indeed - for looks AND sexy attitude!

Thanks for everyone..

Wow! Only thing sexier than that bikini is your girlfriend!

Wow. How old is she? Does she have more sheer stuff?

33 I've got one or two more photos from that day...

Damn she is hot for 33! Tight bangin body. Care to share more pics?

she is beautiful, and hot!<br />
<br />
these pics make me hard, very hard...

Thanks. I think she's a sexy looking girl too.

Yeah, she is definitely a ten. She very pretty, your a lucky man.

Thanks I think so

definitly a 10

Thanks.. I should let her know

she looks awesome