More Of Her Sheer Blue Bikini

More pics of my sexy girl... I loved everyone's comments.
I love this bikini she wears sometimes because at the right angle, in the just the right light it leaves so little to the imagination!!

And when she turns over to get some sun on her front well.. very yummy

And sunning her front!!

I love it when she wears this bikini.. drives me wild.. just look at her ***** through it

I should have got to take them off or at least pull them aside, so I could show everyone how delicious she looks!!

I absolutely love waking up besides her every morning..

She just makes my day!!! 
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59 Responses Sep 10, 2012

TOTALLY AWESOME photo series! Very sexy and provocative! Thanks!

Simply lovely

The best pictures online.

Wow great pics, that's a hot little *****!

Damn she got me HARD

Do you sniff that remarkable bikini crotch after s long sweaty say at the beach ? I sure would

God she's beautiful, I'd love to walk up face down in that sweet *****

She is gorgeous.

A female who wears this obviously advertises what she's got to offer for a ****. A very sensuous young mare.


Congrats to you both, buddy.


too bad you can'y move the crotch cover just a little bit

She is not beautiful she is absolute beauty

That is Awsome and deffenitly gives me some ideas for the future with my wife !!

absolutely beautiful. very sexy

That is ******* hot! Gorgeous lady and a beautiful *****!! Well done ;)

Gorgeous bikini ! Even more gorgeous girl !

one hell of a girl, ***** pics are awsome

Spend an hour munching on that pretty Cunney!! Mmmm smell her getting all wet??

I would love to see my GF in a suit like that

Hot, I'd love girls wearing bikinis like that in my pool...

She is gorgeous! Especially in that sexy little bikini. Thank you for sharing! Can't wait to see more!

Wow, didn't know they even made swim suits like that....incredible!

Makes my day too. WOW! SO sexy. Thanks for sharing.

Wow!! What a sexy woman!! Hope you pounded that *****!! It looks so wet!!! Yummy!!

oh wow.. wud love to wake beside her, and pound that delicious ***** xxx fab **** too

wow, loving the bikini, she is very sexy, i am so please your shared these pics.

She is one of the hottest women I've seen!

dam **** getting hard just looking

she is so sexy

Holy crap that's a great bikini!

Tell her she has my vote on the best bikini ever... and it is not even a close race...


That girl is awesome and I just love her bikini

That has to be one of the hottest bikini's ever!!!!

Lovely sexy woman

She is beautiful. Where did she get the bikini? Might get one for my wife.

Both she and that bikini are irresistibly sexy. I love that you can see what you are looking for. The casual passer-by might not notice but one who appreciates such beauty can actually see it all.

I'd love for my wife to wear that bikini to the beach.

amazing photos!


awsome !!

Very nice, you're a lucky man

Very hot nice camel toe

Delicious, indeed.

Thank you -- I hope she was at a high-traffic spot on the beach! I love women who show off!

The third one down was my fav. So many women at the beach in swimsuits don't spread thier legs like that!

It must be great to be able to slid your **** into that ***** whenever you want it!

I bet showing off makes her horny -- right?

Bet it smells good after a day of sweaty fun on the beach.... Thanx

Very hot, thank you for sharing.


Yep...had to pull it out and bust a nut..thanks

just made my day!

shes fantastic

My gosh, I wanna see the front. Back is excellent.

Very sweet ***! And love the sheer! I've got to get my woman a suit like that!!

definitely do and show everyone how good she looks

Wow! Fantastic picture. I think she hurt every guy that passed her on the beach!

What a beautiful ***! Add me plz

She brought at a lingerie boutique in Sydney. Don't really remember the name of it Thanks

Turn her over for God s sake .

******* awesome man. Love her body. You've got more photos of her in bikini/lingerie/nude?

Luv that bikini. . . . where did you get that??? one fine looking lady .