Her Skin Tight Lycra Cycling Leggings

I just love to see a girl in tight, see thru Lycra leggings.

I was walking down my local high street this afternoon, and a few steps in front of me, a beautiful sight I saw.

A young lady, probably 18-22 ish, in a pair of skin tight, Lycra leggings.

I think she was aware I was looking at her beautiful butt, because she reached behind, pulled up her jacket a little, and pulled them up- revealing a stunning sight - she must have had a very small thong (or nothing at all) underneath, because I saw no sign of the dreaded vpl.

What a beautiful, wonderful sight - thank you whoever you were.

expressomarkie expressomarkie
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Cycling leggings are made to be worn with nothing under them. Any kind of underwear causes chaffing. Must have been a wonderful sight.