Friends See Through Leggings

so i was hanging out with my friend afew days ago and she was wearing pink leggings and white full underwear beneath them. i was shocked at how clearly you could see her underwear haha. it was not subtle either. just standing up they were completely see through. when she bent over they were like crystal clear haha i told her she was like yeah i don't care. i was like ok then haha
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Now if she had been wearing a thong it would have been even better I bet.

It would have been way better lol

I have leggings like that - but I don't wear underwear with them! ;)

My ex-wife used to wear sheer white leggings with little white bikini panties on underneath. They would show through amazingly clearly. Sometimes she would come back from the mall and tell me how guys would hit on her and invite her over to their house.

Wish I was there to see too :)

I have these black mesh shorts that comes with a liner. I cut the liner out making my bkack shorts see thru.

What an awesome friend

I think its great that your friend didn't care.

i think she looked like a goober haha

no cuz its a thong not full underwear. haha. in my opinion you shouldent wear full underwear with leggings or yoga pants if theres vpl or see through

was it regular full underwear?

haha yeah i know what that is like haha. makes you go bbbllluuuuhhh lol

haha yeah thats never good haha. when i wear leggings or yoga pants i never wear full underwear lol it just shouldent happen lol

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