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Panties On the Beach

Isn't it funny how panties can be sexy even if they're no more revealing than other items? My wife and I went to the beach one day. The weather wasn't good when we set out so we hadn't bothered packing bathing suits, but by the time we got there it was glorious and sunny.

Em wanted to sunbathe, so she ******** to her underwear and lay on the beach. Now although it was quite 'respectable' underwear and certainly no more revealing than a bikini, just knowing it was panties she was being seein in public in and not swimwear was a huge turn-on!

RobG1908 RobG1908 46-50, M 3 Responses Apr 21, 2008

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Agreed! A gal who doesn't hesitate to just ***** to panties and a sexy bra in public if she wants to go swimming is very sexy! My wife and I were having after-dinner drinks a while back at a rooftop poolside hotel bar in the city. It was a hot summer evening and she decided she wanted to go for a swim, so she just stood up and casually walked down the steps and into the pool - in her silk cocktail dress, satin heels and stockings! I was already going nuts, and then a couple of young gals walked up and told her they couldn't believe she did that and how cool they thought she was! They decided they wanted to swim too, but they both kicked off their shoes, and unzipped and stepped out of their dresses, before jumping in in panties and bras! What an evening! :)

Very hot, the tan-line when panties or bikinis removed are my favorite though. Very hot

Man you are so right most of the time a woman in a great pair of panties will get me almost as hot as fast as naked