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"White Panties"...

I have a Guy Friend that loves me to only wear white silky panties. He likes them to be just plain, no lace or frills. He likes the ones that when I bend over, show an inch or two, above my jeans. For him It's is a real turn-on when I squat and he can see my panties riding up from behind. He especially loves sheer panties without lace, so he can see my through them.

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I like seeing white panties showing through white slacks

Sounds good to me !!

For me it has to be plain white cotton knickers always, very virginal and sweet and innocent.

Silky panties are a real turn. Silky panties are consideably more sensual and sexy looking on a female than other uninteresting fabrics. And silky panties feel sumptuously silky against a females soft skin. Peeking panties emerging from a female squatting is irresistibly alluring and enticing. <br />
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I can appreciate all the elements of your story. Thank you for sharing it. <br />
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Cheers,<br />
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Friend, or BF ?<br />
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if he's just a friend, i wonder why i havent a friend like you :(

pink panties nice and tight up the arse thats the ticket

I love this site, I fell like I have really found a home and family.

Wow, i love this too!! I love seeing some panty peeking out of a woman's pants like that. <br />
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I'd love to see your panty peeking out...

I like sitting at a table and a woman across from me lets her legs go and show her thighs and a creamy pair of white or cream colored pantied crotch. I get a huge hard on thinking about this awesome womans crotch area.

There is nothing more erotic than silky white nylon panties. A little hint of the waistband showing above the jeans or slacks or a little ******* show - particularly if you get a view of the gusset seam. What a turn on! Unlike your boyfriend who may not prefer, a little lace at the waistband or perhaps a lace panel at the leg opening is way sexy. Pastels are great too. Enjoy the tease!

It's one of the biggest turn-ons for me too, just the sight of skimpy white knickers makes me get all stiff, my old girlfriend was a big tease always bending over when she knew I was watching her, so that the waistband and the top of her knickers were showing, she always said her mum said as long as her knickers were clean she didn't mind how saw them.

I love to see accidental panty flashes under a womans skirt. White or pastel panties are the best.<br />

My husband is the same. I wear white nylon panties under low cut jeans. Drives him crazy

white knickers are the best turn-on ever.

Yes that is extremely sexy!

The white briefs would be a hint of innocence. that in itself can be a big turn-on. Just getting little peeks just makes it even hotter.

Nothing more sexy than to see a woman in her bra and panties only.

The thing about seeing a womans panties in public is the images it provokes! Instant twitch! :-P

I love all kinds of panties. Wish I could have been the one to see you in them. I'm sure it is a awesome sight. That Guyfriend of yours is a lucky man.

Ill tell you my fetish if you want me to...

I think everyone has a fetish or two. Its just a question of whether they ever admit it to anyone else.

I once read that Elvis had the same fetish. Except, he liked dark headed women with darker "hairs", so he could see it through their white undies! :O