I Can't Look Away!

i was standing in line at the store the other day and walking past me was who i considered to be an attractive woman wearing a relatively low plunging but tasteful neckline then "they" caught my eyes, bouncing, jiggling and swaying as she walked towards me. her breasts were somewhere in the b cup range but the bra she chose lifted them to their full glory where they were both supported from underneath and free to do their thing at the same time. i am totally a breast man and for some reason when i see breasts move like that i get fixated and tend to forget that i can be seen just as well as i can see them! i did get a bit of a bulge in my cotton pants that weren't doing a very good job at hold things in place and as she got just a few feet away from me i looked up and saw that she totally caught me staring then saw her eyes move down and a smirk come to her face. i must have turned red and tried to appear like i wasn't looking and as she walked by she said in a whisper "thank you" and just kept on walking.

to this woman, i am the one who should be thanking you.
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I will ignore the fact I can see you looking and walk with a bit of an extra bounce just to let you see them jiggle away.

Thank you, thank you vey much!

You get my vote!

i was probably one of those men and if not, i wish i was!!! LOL

That is the only part of supermarket shopping I like.<br />
My wife never wears a bra, and usually a u-shape t-shirt.<br />
I love it when she bends over the frozen cabinet, unsure what she is going to buy.<br />
Opposite, there is usually at least one or two men dragging around the trolley, wishing they were somewhere else.<br />
But when they catch a glimpse of my wives bare hard nipples, it is really quite funny.<br />
All of a sudden, they will tell their wives: "Can we not have something different for a change?", so that their own wives start choosing all over again!<br />
Meanwhile, I am watching them eyeing up my wife's braless ****, with rock-hard nipples from the cold of the freezer, full on display!<br />
They know I can see them looking. I just smile back to let them know they can carry on looking, without causing offence.<br />
God knows what they get for dinner that night! But they can't really complain, can they? (lol)<br />
PS: My wife knows that by flashing like this, is the only way she will get me to go shopping with her!<br />
So she doesn't mind...