I love the weight of my big breasts when they jiggle and bounce and my nipples rub on a silky material.

NYGirl73 NYGirl73
9 Responses Mar 27, 2010

being that busty I'm sure they jiggle quite a bit. must be a very hot sight

Damn I love hearing women talk about their boobs juggling when they walk or riding a man! I can't figure out which I love more, hearing them talk about it because my imagination just goes wild or seeing it happen because then my **** goes wild!

I need pictures too!

Oooo Busty that sounds nice...you need pictures!

I know what you mean about silk blouses. I wore a silk blouse today. On my way home from work, I took off my bra and let me bare nipples rub against the silk. I grabbed each breast one at a time and jiggled them. I also played with my nipples a lot--in and outside of the blouse. I have a 45 minute drive home. It was nice.

i want to see breasts so bad, is that wrong??

I wish you would walk my way and make my day

oooo riding ontop of a ****...and having your **** bounce up and down...yessss everyone likes that view

i like that too-especially when my big boobs jiggle in the face of a drulling mouth sucking em while I ride