The Angelic Smile

Today i went to my tailor and i saw her beautiful little daughter,
She was four years old, chubby and really cute..
She was very beautiful with an angelic face and a very cute smile.
She wanted to play with me.. i did play with her a little.
Before I leave, the little angel wanted the bracelet i was wearing..
Her mom scold her but i smiled.. took off the bracelet and dressed it in her little cute hand,
And she gave me that 1,000,000 dollars angelic smile.
I'm so lucky that i had a chance to make a child smile.
JustJennah JustJennah
22-25, F
3 Responses Apr 24, 2012

Some kids when they smile, they look sooooooooooo cute, you can't describe, you feel blessed and it seems like you are in other planet, feels so happy.

Wish I was good with kids like you...

it's not that hard :)

only an angel can make another angel smile. :)<br />
wish you luck and god bless :)

Thanks :)