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I am a Great Auntie of a 14 month old girl.  I know very little about children of that age and I was asked to babysit her due to some crazy events.  Anyway I want my little grand-niece to have a fun filled day with her loving Great Auntie so I am asking here what toys do you Mommies and Daddies find your toddlers liking?

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1 Response Feb 28, 2009

That is really nice that you want to have fun with her - you really don't need toys as such but there are lots of things in your home she will like playing with!<BR><BR>A saucepan and a wooden spoon make a great "drum kit" - even more fun if aunty has a set too and "plays" her drums with her niece!<BR><BR>The items in your plastics cupboard (or drawer) - tots of this age love to put things into and take things out of - just be sure the items are light weight and non-breakable. Let her make as much mess as she likes and then clean up when she has a nap!<BR><BR>You could go to the library and ask the librarian to show you some suitable picture books for tinies - the best ones have few words, lots of pictures and might be made of cardboard.<BR><BR>Any activity that stimulates the senses is great - but expect her to put stuff in her mouth! So make sure anything you give her is edible. You can make a lovely finger paste by blending a little cold water with cornflour, then swiftly adding boiling water and stirring briskly. It comes out semi-clear in colour and like a thick gravy - add some food colouring to make it more exciting!<BR><BR>When it is cool (CHECK it isn't still hot) you can put a few spoonfuls directly onto a tray or small table and let her "paint" with her hands! She will like it even more if you join in.<BR><BR>WARNING!! This is VERY messy! Do it outside (if weather warm) or on a surface you an easily clean up - like the kitchen floor.<BR><BR>A bubble bath after the finger painting is also fun - and helps get rid of the "paint"!!<BR><BR>I hope you enjoy your day with her - I'm sure she will have a lovely time with you.