Im straigth man so naturally i admire WOMEN with nice cleavage and bountiful boobs that looks like a bump car hood that says"Hey Man how do i look"im sure MEN usually feel the same thing i do when i see WOMEN wth caliber such as this of course who would know if that was natural or as we call it THANK YOU DOCTOR?Yes we all know everywhere its easy to have Breast implant,silicone or other examination or procedure to make WOMEN breast looks good just like Breast Augmentation and everything we know and heard,but because Men will not know right away if that was from MEDICAL Procedure then still we all feel the same way of awe and admiring how it looks like.
For those who are like me of course Medical incline PEOPLE always see BREAST of different sizes but thats work,and when a Medical Staff work it doesnt see with LUST for us all its a PATIENT,so how will we enjoy it,as for everyone it differs from one another for instance some have the urge but others are not like me i dont feel anything when someone is with me because she needs to be examine as a PATIENT,i only enjoy it if its not my PATIENT or i see it in other way around but yes i admire women with cleavage that say "Do you like it"or Wanna suck it"LOL
tawam tawam
36-40, M
Jan 17, 2013