Wifes Butt Cleavage (Photo Included)

I just love it when my wife shows her butt cleavage in public, for that matter when any good looking woman shows it. She knows that I love it because I am always telling her how hot it looks. She actually gets mad at me but it doesn't seem to stop her from showing in public..I love it. check out my photos you will see her nice *** crack there, picture taken without her knowledge. Does this look like a women that doesn't want her *** looked at? There were hundreds of people here.

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7 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Mmm... That vision really made me very hard. Very horny wife! I love butt cleavages, visible panty lines and upskirts. I am a voyeur of women since I was a boy.

I'd love to lick and stick her butt crack.


I could do that *** very nice

She has a nice ***, I'd enjoy seeing more of her.

I would enjoy that and I would also like to lick her ***** and your **** while you're ******* her.

Can you add me ?<br />
I want to see the pictures in your album.<br />
Thank you.

My wife has done the same thing. I love it too!!!